Board and Advisors

Board of Directors
All board positions are unpaid volunteer positions and are filled by professing evangelical Christian men that embrace the CEO statement of faith and are committed to the CEO vision and mission.

Carmen Vertullo
CEO/President of a specialty equipment engineering and consulting company.

Bob Mooney
Manager/Consultant in a commercial real estate development and management company.

Jay Myers
Partner and CPA for a financial advising company.

Rusty Robinson
President of a process consulting company.

Gary Avánt

CEO/President of a business web, infrastructure, and process / training company.

CEO Advisors

Operations, Processes, Marketing

– Gary Avánt – CEO/President of a business web & technology, process, and training company.

Leadership, Strategies

– James Turner, Ph.D – Partner / Lead Consultant for a business risk assessment company; Leadership and business strategy consultant; Speaker and teacher of Forensic Psychology.


– James Granby – Partner / Lead Attorney for a law firm.

– Paul Ryan – Owner / Lead Attorney for a law firm.

Board Links

Board Minutes – Recording

Board Minutes – Viewing

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