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Ken and Marjorie Blanchard

September 16, 2010

Ken and Marjorie Blanchard spoke at the annual joint CEO / PWF event on September 17, 2010. It was a joy. This is the third time Ken has spoken at CEO – twice this past year, and once 10 years ago. As the President of the CEO group, the last two times I had the opportunity to sit for awhile with Ken and just chat. I found him to be humble, easily engaged, and a good listener. His passion is getting Christians to be servant-leaders and to behave as Christians should be able to, with God’s power.

One humorous story I remember him telling at CEO is about how he did not have his passport with him for an airline trip out of Florida, so he bought a book of his at the airport store since it had his picture on the back of it. He tried to use it as proof that he was who he said he was to get onto the plane. Also on the back were several quotes from people like Don Shula, who is of course a legendary coach of the Miami Dolphins football team. Long story short, they let Ken onto the plane, and as he entered to sit down, someone yelled something to the effect, “Hey everybody, this guy is famous ……he knows Don Shula!”

I guess it still goes to show, it’s not who you are, but who you know. Ken knows Jesus, so that gives him more clout than ever! May the Lord bless Ken and Marjorie in their work for Him.

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